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  • Australian Independent School- AIS (formerly known as Australian International School) is a world class international school in Jakarta and Bali based on the Australian education system.
  • As an outstanding international school in Jakarta and Bali, AIS is on a full pledge to continue to be the most inclusive and comprehensive learning ground for the success of every child as a whole.

Setting the Foundation for the Future of Every Child’s Success.

The beginning years of AIS starts from 3 to 6 years old. Our play-based Australian Early Years Curriculum provides a child-focused environment that promotes a sense of wonder, investigation and interest in the world in which we live.

Designed to be the most advanced international school for preschoolers in Jakarta and Bali, AIS aims to ignite passion with a unique curriculum where creativity, intuition, and self-exploration come first. AIS preschool takes cues from these little learners and together, children and educators become the reservoirs for the most ideal learning environment in AIS.

Fueling their inquisitive nature into a habit of lifelong learning, our international school is dedicated to building compassionate and well rounded children. As a primary school in Jakarta and Bali with CIS Accreditation, AIS international school builds life-readiness, resilience, leadership, and drive for excellence by allowing these primary students first-hand exploration experience.

Each child holds the same opportunity to lead, take charge, and excel academically and socially. AIS extracurricular activities forges not only physical fitness sportsmanship, creativity, curiosity, and all-around virtues needed for their path as young adults.

AIS secondary students are the role models of prepared young individuals with life skills, talents, and knowledge for the future. Taking the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, our secondary students in the international school of AIS are well on the path to discovering their passions and place in their future.

AIS high school students employ a direct method through field observations and effective learning which hone critical thinking and social awareness. Through meaningful activities, AIS hopes to create principled, creative, and highly responsible global citizens.

Our most admirable aspect stems from one strong family namely the AIS international community. This is where students, parents, staff, educators and all school elements come together for the sake of the school’s progress.

Many of our key approaches as a progressive international school are based on a low teacher to student ratio, inquiry based learning methodology, and the presence of a strong English As an Additional Language (EAL) program. Our superior EAL program aims to support students who are high academic and extra-curricular achievers in their own country as they transition to become part of AIS’ international student community of over 30 nationalities.

Safety and security of our students is of prime importance. AIS’s school-bus system is owned and operated entirely by AIS. From our playgrounds, libraries, to the walls of AIS secured schools, AIS becomes the safest learning haven for our inclusive community.

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